Panamarenko – Adamski Saucer *SOLD*

Panamarenko, Adamski Saucer, 2014.Panamarenko, Adamski Saucer, 2014.   SOLD OUT
Panamarenko starts to design flying saucers and magnetic spaceships in the 1970s. He also devises various ways for these vehicles to fly through the cosmos. In order to obtain a better understanding of the working of the magnetic fields and other interplanetary forces, he studies ufology. The sketch for this flying saucer is named after George Adamski, who claimed to have stood face to face with two extraterrestrial spaceships in 1952.
Although Panamarenko does not have much faith in the words of Adamski, he remains fascinated by the idea of designing a spaceship himself. He decides to construct one driven by spherical magnetic spools that rotate inside the shell-like dress of the saucer. This creates the electrical energy needed to lift the saucer out of the earth's field.
After building the Adamski Saucer, Panamarenko continues his cosmic experiments under the names Journey to the Stars and Toymodel of Space.
The edition is a co-production with the Panamarenko Kollektief.

Medium: Screenprint on dibond plate (10 colors + varnish).
Size: 40 x 56 cm.
Edition of 60
Signed and numbered

This limited edition Panamarenko print is available at Ludion