Parra – The upside down face vase hair. *SOLD*

Parra - The upside down face vase hair - 2019  SOLD OUT

Parra - The upside down face vase hair - 2019Following last month’s release of the first ‘Upside Down Face Vase’, Parra presents the latest addition to the series. This female counterpart marks the conclusion of this iconic vase series made in collaboration with Case Studyo. Where the first edition stood out because of its boldness, this bird girl exhibits remarkable elegance and sophistication. Long red flowing hair forms the base of the hand painted ceramic sculpture, with her graceful neck embracing your bouquet of flowers.

Medium: hand painted ceramic in custom designed and printed cardboard packaging
Size:  height 23 cm
Edition of 750
Price: € 175 SOLD OUT

This limited edition Parra vase is available at the Parra Store