Seth Price ‘The World’

Seth Price, The World, 2014

Seth Price, The World, 2014Recalling such disparate references as 1930’s fashion illustration, optical illusions, The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup album cover, or the security patterns found inside of business envelopes, The World, by Seth Price, finds its initial source in a drawing created while working on his Folklore US project.

As the creator of vacuum-formed plastic wall pieces, sculptures, books, music, videos, wooden “silhouette” sculptures, and the author of many texts and essays available for download for free from the internet, Seth Price’s work constantly challenges the logic of the body of work he’s made prior. With nearly every medium at his disposal, each of Price’s individual pieces highlight art’s condition as a liberating proposal.

Medium: archival pigment print,
Size: 9.5 x 13 inches,
Edition of 50,
Signed on front, stamped and numbered on back.
Price: $300

This limited edition Seth price print is available at The Song Cave