Sui Jianguo digital edition – 245 Drops

Sui Jianguo, 245 Drops, 2012.

Sui Jianguo, 245 Drops, 2012.245 Drops combines the artist's exploration of time and space in an exceptional way: even though a two dimensional video piece, it creates a sense of sculpture within a digital frame. We see a plain space - a piece of paper - take on a sculptural density while we watch the artist trace a ruler over and over again in pencil. The effect is a mosaic of angular fragments that give the appearance of airy depth and solid wall simultaneously. Sui Jianguo is one of China's pre-eminent contemporary artists. Professor of Sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, he is part of the first generation of artists to emerge at the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, characterised by the endeavor to rethink Chinese national heritage. His most famous works - the Mao Jackets, his large plastic toy dinosaur or the "Made in China" lettering - all tell a tale of a nation that is rapidly forming a new identity in a capitalist global market while still dealing with the political reality and aesthetic of its recent past.

The work, Video - Full HD 1080p - 4 mins, is an edition of 1000. 245 Drops is also part of s[edition]’s dynamic pricing model. As edition availability decreases the price of the work increases.

This limited Sui Jianguo digital edition is available on s[edition] here

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