William Wegman – Dog Walker

William Wegman - Dog Walker - 2020

William Wegman - Dog Walker - 2020Dog Walker is one of Wegman’s most iconic photographs – and as a lithographic print, it takes on a softness of colour and a material quality. Wegman presents us with an absurd scene. The two dogs, Flo and Topper, are photographed together, one is on a dog leash on all fours, and the other is standing upright, wearing a big, plush coat. The motif is photographed in a studio setup as we know it from fashion magazines. Wegman plays with our ideas about animal and human, and he questions the relationship between pet and owner. The photograph also puts an emphasis on the unique characteristics of the dogs. They are disciplined and intelligent with a special ability to stand completely still.

Medium: Lithograph
Size: 70 x 83 cm
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered
Price: DKK 7,000
Price for CLUB ARKEN members: DKK 6,300

This limited edition William Wegman print is available at Arken museum