Hermann Nitsch – Untitled (uniques) *SOLD*

Hermann Nitsch - Untitled - 2019  SOLD OUT

Hermann Nitsch - Untitled - 2019Painting is one of the disciplines encompassed by the “Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries” of Hermann Nitsch. His approach to this art form is deeply rooted in actionism, performance, and multimediality. Painting represents both the origin and the outcome of Nitsch’s actions. And with the exhibition NITSCH. Spaces of Color, the ALBERTINA Museum aimed to allow Nitsch’s painted works to be perceived not as part of a greater whole, but as paintings in and of themselves for the first time. In connection with the exhibition Hermann Nitsch created a series of unique graphics exclusively for the ALBERTINA Museum.

Medium: Unique graphic series in 3 colours, Alugraphy on action painting.
Size: 40 x 30 cm
Edition of 20 uniques
Signed and numbered
Price: € 850  SOLD OUT
Price for members of Friends of the Albertina: € 765

This is available at the Albertina Museum