Phyllida Barlow – Catch

Phyllida Barlow - untitled: Catch- 2016

untitled: catch, 2016, 2016 is an original series of sculptures created by Phyllida Barlow in support of Tate. Using a diverse range of materials, these intricate and ambiguous forms were made by the artist in her London studio.  The artist commented that working on this series offered her a rare opportunity to create work on a more intimate scale and without the assistance of a team. This was a rare opportunity for an artist whose work is typically monumental in scope and scale.

Barlow uses everyday household or DIY materials which she transforms through processes of layering or accumulation to make large-scale sculptural installations. Cutting, sawing, breaking, coiling, folding or covering, she has been fascinated by the physical experience of handling materials since the late 1960s. Her sculptures and installations often seem to interrupt or invade the space around them.

If you would like to view the artwork in person it is on display at Tate Modern on level 4.

Medium: Plastic, plaster, cement, scrim, wool, paper, fabric, PVA, spray paint, plywood, timber, cardboard tube, polyurethane foam, tape.
Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 16 cm
A series of 5 original sculptures.
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate.
Price on Request

These sculptures are available at Tate