Prints by Orozco – Madani – Adéagbo

We're giving these a bit extra love ...

These wonderful editions were created exclusively for the Friends of Moderna Museet and the artists - Gabriel Orozco, Tala Madani and Georges Adéagbo- have generously donated their works. The proceeds of sales of the editions will be used to support Moderna Museet. Editions are sold unframed in specially-designed portfolios or tubes.
Some very last copies are available at the Friends of Moderna Museet

Gabriel Orozco, Tree Lines, 2014.Gabriel Orozco, Tree Lines, 2014.  SOLD OUT

Gabriel Orozco was born in Mexico in 1962 and lives in Paris, New York and Mexico City. He is one of the most widely recognised artists of his generation. His oeuvre opens up for a new form of conceptualism that embraces both deep contemplation and precise craftsmanship. When asked by Moderna Museet’s co-director Ann-Sofi Noring if Tree Lines can be regarded as a self-portrait, Gabriel Orozco replied:

“Ha! Well, Tree Lines has all the simplicity and flow I search for, it is the contrary to symmetry on one hand but on the other, symmetry and flow are dependent on each other. In my work, trees have always been important and this is a reason for me to give you this.”

Medium: Inkjet print on paper,
Size: 55.9 x 74.5 cm,
Edition of 99,
Signed and numbered
Price: SOLD

Tala Madani, Shadow, 2013.Tala Madani, Shadow, 2013.

In the edition for the Friends of Moderna Museet, we recognise the themes from Tala Madani’s Jinn series. According to Arabic folklore and the Quran, jinns are a kind of accompanying spirit.

In this work they could be seen as a possibly bad conscience, or the Id - the part of our psyche representing our urges and impulses. In Shadow (2013) a man is trying to strangle his own shadow. Perhaps this is the same man who is laughed at by his own shadow in a work from 2011 with the same title. Out of fear – or shame - the man is now attacking his own inner being - the part that many of us have wanted at times to hide from others.

Medium: Etching on paper,
Size: 30 cm x 42 cm.
Edition of 60
Signed and numbered
Price: €400

Georges Adéagbo “Sacrifice: naissance de Stockholm” ..! L'art dans la souffrance, 2014.Georges Adéagbo “Sacrifice: naissance de Stockholm” ..! L'art dans la souffrance, 2014.

Georges Adéagbo was born in 1942 in Cotonou, Benin. He creates site-specific installations where news cuttings, posters, books, postcards, clothes and his own hand-written texts are interwoven with sculptures and paintings from Benin into complex three-dimensional collages.

Adéagbo’s works have been shown internationally since the 1990s and especially since his participation in the Venice Biennale in 1999. He bases his work on the city that has invited him, exploring and examining its architecture, history, culture and the myriad of other aspects that make up the identity of a place. With chains of association, autobiographical references, and translations of culture, he creates what he calls an “archaeology of knowledge”, which generates new narratives.

Medium: Inkjet print on paper,
Size:32.9 x 48.3 cm,
Edition of 60 + 12 AP
Signed and numbered
Price: €350

Some very last copies are available at the Friends of Moderna Museet