Richard Sides ‘Gamble Responsibly’

Richard Sides, Gamble Responsibly, 2014Richard Sides, Gamble Responsibly, 2014
Someone to watch ...) Sides’ work uses a variety of media to explore notions of presence, temporality, complexity, conflict and the possible idea of ‘an ontology of communication’. His work frequently uses sound, performance, video and installation. Recent projects include presentation at Frieze New York with Carlos Ishikawa Gallery (2014), Young London 2013,  at V22 Collection, London (2013), SoundSpill, at West, Holland (2011), Kill The Gibson, for The Faraday Studio at Space, London (March 2012), Stop killing my buzz at Zabludowicz Collection, London (2013) and the play On Revolutions for the Heavenly Spheres, Supplement, London (2011). He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012.

Medium: Polycarbonate sheet, UV plexiglass, Inkjet print, ​spray paint​, tape​, marker pen, bacofoil, swiss clips.
Size: 64 x 45 cm
Series of 20, each unique
Price: £470 (ICA Members £350)

This Richard Sides edition is available at ICA London